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Doc.Sofa™ - A unique and intriguing Spa Offer taking relaxation and healing to a new level.


BodyMindCompany are proud of being Scandinavian distributor of one of the hottest wellbeing products in the market right now – the Doc.Sofa, that can give you a strong competitive advantage and your customers/employees a great experience.
Doc.Sofa is an All-in-One solution ideal for a number of locations like airport lounges, day- and resort spas, fitness centers, hotels, beauty parlors, nail bars, hospitals, therapy centers/clinics and private corporations.
With the Doc.Sofa you can offer your customers/employees great relaxation and healing therapy by stimulation of the 5 senses by light/colors, sounds/music, relaxing video, aromas, vibrations and tea with a minimum requirement of human resources. You can even combine those with hand and foot massage plus pedicure and manicure.
Light and color is the key to wellbeing
The production of the hormone melatonin, a sleep regulator, is inhibited by light and permitted by darkness. Humans need to be exposed to much light during the daytime in order to produce it and get all energized and natural tired by night time. But studies show that most adults today are in fact exposed to less than an hour of daylight on daily basis, which makes them tired leading to inconsistent sleeping patterns, which again can result in  various symptoms and diseases such as insomnia, stress, eating disorder and depression.
With Doc.Sofa’s powerful build-in LED light a 60 minutes treatment can help energize people and restore a healthy sleeping pattern. On top of that, the right choice of color can help relief i.e. stress, anxiety, jetlag and boost ones energy level even more.
Egg design – Ergonomically and decorative
The creative oval-shape design is modeled after an egg, the origin of all lives, and the womb that everyone experienced as an infant. Surrounded by the most necessary lights in the most relaxing position, in the most relaxing atmosphere gives a fantastic feeling of wellbeing.
A sound investment
Please get in contact with us at BodyMindCompany, and get more details about the many exciting aspects of the Doc.Sofa plus get the uplifting financial side of it. It’s not only a great idea and a unique eye-catcher. It’s also a sound investment that will normally break even within only 6-12 months.
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