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Haslauer Soft-Pack-System® I

Dim lighting, a lovingly designed room, and right in the middle, the elegant Haslauer Soft-Pack-System® I. 

Valuable crémes, fragrant nourishing oils, herbs, algae, blossoms and leaves are ready to be applied during the treatment.

Your guests can simply relax and enjoy. The nourishing créme is applied with gentle strokes. Soft and smoothly, the body is cocooned in the membrane. The bed is lowered without a sound and a warm, comfy, and weightless feeling is sensed. Tentatively, heat approaches the body. 
Neither disturbing music, light effects, nor noisy massage jets interrupt this unique relaxation experience. Simply wonderful!

Only with the Haslauer Soft-Pack-System® I will your guests plunge deeply and be completely cocooned in just the right temperature. 

A thin, smooth membrane surrounds the body, so that guests are not in direct contact with the water. The membrane cuddles the body due to the water pressure and the products are able to seep into the skin (occlusion effect). This way, the body can absorb more active agents. The pure and natural Kurland® products used are not diluted and are without preservatives. 

Gradually, increasing temperatures and weightless reclining lead to a relaxation of the muscles and the support apparatus which in turn increases the therapeutic effectiveness.

A Variety of Treatments

Due to its various treatment possibilities, the Haslauer Soft-Pack-System® I has long since become an essential standard requirement for treatment professionals. It allows various treatments, such as a cosmetic skin care, body wraps, Moor mud and fango wraps, hay baths, Cleopatra wraps, as well as Thalasso and Vino treatments.

The Haslauer Soft-Pack-System® I is the ideal system for body wraps. A facial treatment can also be done at the same time for a highly effi cient service. More than 30 recipes enable you to offer attractive, new Spa treatments time and again. The Soft-Pack-System® I is therefore an ideal piece of equipment for every Hotel Spa or Treatment Suite.

The sophisticated technique convinces with extraordinary longevity, a specially soft and durable membrane, ‘ready to plug’ performance, and simple assembly.

Two versions of Soft-Pack-System® I
The Original and the modern and compact Day Spa model

We got the original square shaped stainless steel model with 2 different lifting techniques and a variety of cladding possibilities - from skai-leather, wood and stone to a tiled cladding. You can even supply your own cladding. And we got the modern and compact Day Spa modelin fibre glass in 200 RAL colours with integrated hydraulic lifting pump.

Robust and Durable
Thousands of Haslauer Soft-Pack-Systems ® in various practices and spas worldwide have proven to be reliable - for over 25 years now.

Ready to Plug in Delivery
Soft-Pack-System® I Day Spa and Soft-Pack-System® I with integrated pump can be used without air pressure and are delivered ready to plug in.

High Reliability
Little cleaning and low maintenance necessary.

Full Leasing Possible
Request your individual offer!

Special membrane
Very soft and cuddly - only available with Haslauer.
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